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The Importance of Effective Session, Speaker, and Agenda Management in Event Organization

Session Abstract

This session explores the evolution of session, speaker, and agenda management from a cumbersome process whoch involves a mix of tools like custom forms for content submissions, Excel sheets for selection, and manual HTML updates for website integration into fully automated content, agenda and speaker management worfkflow for modern-day events. We will talk about flexible speaker and content selection process, which can range from Calls for Content to direct speaker invitations; Content Teams formation and management, drag-and-drop agenda building, dynamic integration with the event website and mobile apps, advanced communication capabilities, session feedback management, and resource sharing for speakers. Concluding with the significant benefits realized through this transition, the session emphasizes how an integrated approach to managing content, speakers, and agendas not only saves time but also enhances the overall experience for attendees and speakers, showcasing the importance of a holistic approach in event management.

Adis Jugo

Creator, lead architect, and mastermind at An Information Technology professional with 30 years of professional experience, Event Tech specialist, Event Organizer, and Public Speaker with over 400 public speaking sessions in the past 25 years. A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, and a Microsoft Regional Director. Spiritus movens at CollabSummit and CloudSummit. Firmly believes in leading by example and motivation. Lives beside the oldest vineyard in the Rhine valley. Prefers collecting stories to collecting possessions. Can make his wife and kids laugh anytime.

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