Almir Vuk GmbH
Lead Software Architect
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Exploring Cloud Native Application Development with .NET Aspire

Session Abstract

Join me for an informative session as we delve into the domain of .NET Aspire, a new and opinionated, cloud-ready stack designed for crafting observable, production-ready, and distributed applications using dotnet. With the modern landscape favouring cloud-native architectures, .NET Aspire offers a comprehensive suite of NuGet packages tailored to address specific cloud-native concerns. In this session, we will go through a journey of layers of .NET Aspire, exploring how it empowers developers to architect scalable, resilient, and interconnected microservices. See you at the session!

Almir Vuk

I am a Microsoft MVP and Software Development Engineer. A frequent regional and international speaker at Microsoft-related events and User Group meetings. While spending my free time, love to play chess, run in nature, write blog posts, help the community on StackOverflow to contribute to open-source projects, or be an instructor at NGO programming-related events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the .NET platform, crafting apps using C# & .NET. Truly been in love with programming since my childhood days. ♥️

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