Antje Lamartine
Lead M365 Adoption & Change Management
Supercharge Your Projects with M365 App Mastery and Soft Skill Wizardry

Session Abstract

In today's dynamic remote work environment, the success of a project hinges on the effectiveness of its project team. Critical challenges in building a successful team can be communication, trust, lack of clear roles and responsibilities, as well as getting everyone on board to use available M365 tools effectively. Antje Lamartine and Andreas Schlueter are going to present a real-world example on how they assembled a team of M365 experts from different companies and locations to roll out M365 for one of their clients. They will share their experience and best practices on how they: - leveraged key M365 Apps for optimal collaboration and organization; - addressed technical and human challenges that arose along the way; - and fostered a positive project team culture, keeping the client happy and ensuring project success.

Antje Lamartine

Antje Lamartine is Microsoft MVP for M365 Apps & Services and Lead for M365 Adoption & Change Management at IF-Blueprint in Munich. She accompanies M365 implementations in local and international companies with her M365 Change Management expertise. She helps identify the challenges and fears associated with change and transforms them into possibilities and opportunities. This includes developing change strategies, roadmaps and action plans and implementing them in close collaboration with her clients. Her passion is to help people successfully master the challenging journey into the "new normal", while ensuring that companies get the most out of their M365 investment.

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