Carlos Miguel Silva
Chief Technology Officer at BindTuning

Speaker | Developer Advocate

1998, started with a 56 Kbp/s modem using Netscape 6.0. Today, I'm in love with Angular, SharePoint and Open Source. I'm a husband to a beautiful wife and father to 2 awesome kids. Currently I'm living life as a CTO at BindTuning - Unlocking Ideas and Shaping the Future.

.NET Aspire: Igniting Mastery in Modern Software Development

Next-Gen Development Paradigms: Explore the latest trends and paradigms shaping modern software development and learn how .NET Aspire aligns with these advancements. Performance Optimization Techniques: Dive into strategies for optimizing application performance, leveraging the performance-enhancing features of .NET Aspire to create highly responsive and efficient software. Microservices and Cloud Integration: Uncover the seamless integration possibilities of .NET Aspire with microservices architecture and cloud platforms, empowering you to build scalable and resilient applications. Security Best Practices: Understand the robust security features inherent in .NET Aspire and learn best practices for safeguarding your applications against modern cyber threats. Developer Productivity: Explore tools and practices that enhance developer productivity, from advanced debugging techniques to streamlined workflows, ensuring you make the most of your development time.

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