Maxim Salnikov
Developer Productivity Business Lead
Prompt Engineering - an Art, a Science, or your next Job Title?

Session Abstract

It's quite ironic that to interact with the most advanced AI in our history - Large Language Models: ChatGPT, etc. - we must use human language, not programming one. But how to get the most out of this dialogue i.e. how to create robust and efficient prompts so AI returns exactly what's needed for your solution on the first try? After my session, you can add the Junior (at least) Prompt Engineer skill to your CV: I will introduce Prompt Engineering as an emerging discipline with its own methodologies, tools, and best practices. Expect lots of examples that will help you to write ideal prompts for all occasions.

Note to event organizers

This session is based on my research and experiments in Prompt Engineering and is 100% relevant for cloud developers who investigate adding some LLM-powered features to their solutions. It's a guide to building proper prompts for AI to get desired results fast and cost-efficient.

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is a tech and cloud community enthusiast based in Oslo. With over two decades of experience as a web developer, he shares his extensive knowledge of the web platform, cloud computing, and AI by speaking at and providing training for developer events worldwide. By day, Maxim plays a crucial role in supporting the development of cloud and AI solutions within European companies, serving as the leader of developer productivity business at Microsoft. During evenings, he can be found running events for Norway's largest web and cloud development communities. Maxim is passionate about exploring and experimenting with Generative AI possibilities, including AI-assisted development. To share his insights and connect with like-minded professionals globally, he founded and organized the inaugural Prompt Engineering Conference, the first of its kind on a global scale.

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