Maxim Salnikov
Developer Productivity Business Lead
Using the power of OpenAI with your own data: what's possible and how to start?

Session Abstract

The top questions we get about ChatGPT-powered enterprise scenarios are all about using the company's own data as the basis for the responses. In this session, we'll explore various options starting from simply injecting data into the prompt to the advanced architectures with multiple Cognitive Services chained together and fine-tuning models - all for you to choose the flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient solution that works the best for you.

Note to event organizers

This session is based on our knowledge of Azure AI and OpenAI platforms, prompt engineering skills, and conversations with the companies that use ChatGPT-related services in production. We'll illustrate the best architecture through the live demo.

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is a tech and cloud community enthusiast based in Oslo. With over two decades of experience as a web developer, he shares his extensive knowledge of the web platform, cloud computing, and AI by speaking at and providing training for developer events worldwide. By day, Maxim plays a crucial role in supporting the development of cloud and AI solutions within European companies, serving as the leader of developer productivity business at Microsoft. During evenings, he can be found running events for Norway's largest web and cloud development communities. Maxim is passionate about exploring and experimenting with Generative AI possibilities, including AI-assisted development. To share his insights and connect with like-minded professionals globally, he founded and organized the inaugural Prompt Engineering Conference, the first of its kind on a global scale.

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