Maxim Salnikov
Developer Productivity Business Lead
If your code could speak, what would it tell you? Let GitHub Copilot Chat help you find out!

Session Abstract

Have you been in the situation where you need to remember what is this code written by you some time ago about? Not even saying about you trying to understand someone else's code? GitHub Copilot Chat is a new way to code, where you can write code, fix bugs, write tests, and explain code to yourself and others in a chat window in a sidebar or inline. In this session, I'll demonstrate how GitHub Copilot Chat takes developer experience to the next level and how it can help you be more productive in your day-to-day work.

Note to event organizers

- Explore the transformative impact of AI assistance on programming and development practices - Dive into crucial details for maximizing the benefits of AI assistance, focusing on providing context - Gain insights into common pitfalls associated with AI-assisted development and learn effective mitigation techniques - Optimize your developer environment through fine-tuning for enhanced productivity, ensuring a seamless workflow

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is a tech and cloud community enthusiast based in Oslo. With over two decades of experience as a web developer, he shares his extensive knowledge of the web platform, cloud computing, and AI by speaking at and providing training for developer events worldwide. By day, Maxim plays a crucial role in supporting the development of cloud and AI solutions within European companies, serving as the leader of developer productivity business at Microsoft. During evenings, he can be found running events for Norway's largest web and cloud development communities. Maxim is passionate about exploring and experimenting with Generative AI possibilities, including AI-assisted development. To share his insights and connect with like-minded professionals globally, he founded and organized the inaugural Prompt Engineering Conference, the first of its kind on a global scale.

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