Frank Carius
Enterprise Architect
Playing with Microsoft Teams COE/CQD/Graph-Data

Session Abstract

We all can see some "Call Details" in our teams client and admins can use the admin-portal to get some insights and realtime data and analysts can use PowerBI, if they have some time :-). Learn from a customer project, how to collect data for your own processing, how the data records are related and why you need a webhook for full records.

Note to event organizers

My team is currently working with a customer to get detailed and specialized reports about Call, CallQueues etc and i would like to share, what we learned the hard way. The only thing: This session is not ready yet and was never presented before by my developer and me. I hope, that we can be ready until may 2023. And Microsoft may offer a new API in the future and make that obsolete. So it is uncertain.

Frank Carius

Frank Carius, computer engineer, is the co-founder of the system integrator and software company Net at Work GmbH, located in Paderborn and Berlin. He is one of the few MVPs Skype for Business in Germany. His focus is on consulting and project management in unified communications, particularly the planning, implementation and migration of Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business, MIcrosoft Teams and Office 365 in general. Frank Carius regularly publishes on the popular website

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