Frank Carius
Enterprise Architect
How to build, measure and monitor a proper cloud connection

Session Abstract

We all know the Microsoft networking principles but how knows, how this affects your performance? Do you really know enough about AnycastDNS, SplitVPN, DNS-Resolution,RTT, Packetloss, Bandwith requirements, etc? Do you check your connection the right way. Are you still measuring average bandwidth utilization every minute or are you ready to measure latency every second or more often with percentiles?

Note to event organizers

This is the updated presentation from 2021 wiht new data, updates findings Recording An updated Version was held at CommsVerse jun 2022. Slides at

Frank Carius

Frank Carius, computer engineer, is the co-founder of the system integrator and software company Net at Work GmbH, located in Paderborn and Berlin. He is one of the few MVPs Skype for Business in Germany. His focus is on consulting and project management in unified communications, particularly the planning, implementation and migration of Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business, MIcrosoft Teams and Office 365 in general. Frank Carius regularly publishes on the popular website

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