Sandra Koutzenko
Director of Training Services
United Kingdom
Building a mentoring program for your Graduates or Career Changers

Session Abstract

Is your company struggling to get your newly certified talent to perform well? Is your Microsoft talent turnover too high? A solid mentorship program can vastly improve all this. The exciting things that are happening in our space right now, including the launch cool new technologies like Copilot, will trigger an increased need for highly specialised talent that is happy enough at your company to stay a while. Increase your chances of finding and keeping the best people - join two experienced mentors for a fun and interactive workshop about building or enhancing your mentoring program! - Understand what kind of impact the right mentoring program could have on your talent retention, on your employee performance and even on your company revenue. - Benefit from powerful group discussions in which you’ll have a chance to share your challenges and receive peer support. - Learn the core principles and best practices for a successful mentoring program. - Walk away with a new or enhanced mentoring program strategy, having identified your main areas for improvement and first steps towards success.

Sandra Koutzenko

Sandra is a strategic leader specialised in developing talent in the Microsoft Technology sector, with a particular focus on Microsoft Business Applications. She believes in offering solutions that create sustainable success for everybody in this dynamic, ever-growing area. Over the past 9 years, she has been creating and delivering products and services supporting companies in the Microsoft space to hire, train and nurture well-needed talent. She has also been actively encouraging and guiding individuals with their training journey in the Microsoft Business Applications world. In her capacity as the leader of 365 Talent Portal's Microsoft Learning Partner Practice, Sandra has also developed an expertise that spans beyond talent development and into the more intricate aspects of Microsoft Partner Practice building. She is now an advisor, content creator and speaker on topics that span Microsoft training methodologies and paths, Microsoft Business Applications talent strategies, and ways to build and grow successful Microsoft Business Applications Partner Practices.

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