Simon Hudson
Novia Works Ltd
United Kingdom
Sort your data out! Mastering Governance, Risk, and Compliance in the Copilot era

Session Abstract

Adopting successful Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) can be challenging and risky, especially with data risks, regulatory exposure, and managing sensitive information. Copilot raises the bar another notch. It's not just garbage in, garbage out; poor governance and control leads to immediate risk and probable compliance breaches. In this session, we will provide insider tips and quick wins, as well as useful resources, for building an effective GRC posture using the tools across the Microsoft cloud, including Microsoft Purview and other Microsoft 365 tools and services. We'll explain why Copilot is as scary as it is awesome. We will share real-world experiences on implementing effective GRC strategies and provide practical guidance on how to overcome key challenges organizations face with GRC and Copilot. 1. Discover why governance and data security are key factors for Microsoft 365 Copilot readiness and how they can improve your Copilot experience. 2. Assess your current governance, risk and compliance maturity level using the Microsoft 365 maturity model and find out what you need to do to close the gaps for Copilot readiness. 3. Follow the best practices for improving your Microsoft 365 data quality and data security to ensure that Copilot can deliver more accurate, relevant recommendations and safeguard your sensitive data.

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Simon Hudson

I am an entrepreneur in the technology and health sectors, with a background in physics and medical devices, wound care and strategic marketing, plus Microsoft and related technologies. I have 2 active companies (Kinata Ltd. and Novia Works Ltd., a clinical advice platform and a small MS365 consultancy respectively); I was the founder of Cloud2 Ltd. I am fascinated by the impacts that technology has on people, business and society. I'm frequently an early adopter but have little time for marketing fluff and manipulative bandwagons. I am a Microsoft MVP and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Hull. I'm also a lead author on the growing Maturity Model for M365 ( I'm interested in far too many things to keep up with them all. My articles and editorials have been published in a variety of knowledge management, clinical benchmarking and health journals as well as PC Pro magazine. I am a co-facilitator of the M365 North User Group. Other musings appear in my blog at I am passionate about rather too many things, including science, music (I write and play guitar & mandola), skiing, classic cars and sustainability and technology.

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