Wekoslav Stefanovski
Head of Development
North Macedonia
Who are you? OIDC Authentication - the good, the bad and the ugly

Session Abstract

Each and every application needs users - so it needs to verity the identity of those users. Increasingly, and with good reason, that functionality is out-sourced to a third party provider, with AWS Cognito being one of the most used ones. This talk will cover some of the most common patterns of authentications used with Cognito, and how you can actually manage modern authentication for your product.

Wekoslav Stefanovski

Wekoslav Stefanovski has more than two decades of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using C# since the first public beta, and has a long and fruitful love relationship with it. Has been using JavaScript since the previous millennium and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality metrics.

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