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Using the Metaverse to Revolutionize Expo Planning, Booth Configuration, and Booth Ordering Process

Session Abstract

We all know the drill: event organizers agree with the venues on the expo plan, then they send it to potential sponsors and exhibitors who decide if they are going to participate and choose their spots based on that plan. They purchase booth furniture and equipment from the booth builder, and then at the event, there is a surprise moment to see if everything looks the way it is supposed to and if the chosen spot was really good. But what if sponsors and exhibitors could walk through and around their booth months before the event happens? What if they could configure their booth based on the impressions from that walk-through and immediately place their order with the booth builder? What if event organizers could then walk through the expo where all booth configurations would be immediately applied, all of this months before the event? This session will talk about how event organizers can effectively use Metaverse to automate and visualize the process of booth selection, planning, and ordering, as a collaborative process between organizers, exhibitors, and booth builders. You will see how the legendary Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, Germany, has been recreated in the Metaverse to help organizers plan the event expo, and sponsors and exhibitors to configure, visualize, and order their booths. This session whil shed light on how Metaverse can *really* be used to the benefits of the event organizers, how this particular use case has been implemented, and what the experience was like for both the event organizers and the sponsors and exhibitors.

Adis Jugo

Creator, lead architect, and mastermind at An Information Technology professional with 30 years of professional experience, Event Tech specialist, Event Organizer, and Public Speaker with over 400 public speaking sessions in the past 25 years. A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, and a Microsoft Regional Director. Spiritus movens at CollabSummit and CloudSummit. Firmly believes in leading by example and motivation. Lives beside the oldest vineyard in the Rhine valley. Prefers collecting stories to collecting possessions. Can make his wife and kids laugh anytime.

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