Kimmo Forss
Microsoft Corporation
Principal Architect

The cloud has been a key part of Kimmos Microsoft life the last years, from being in the team who built SharePoint Online to helping deploy the first customers to leverage it, and now to help customers and partners best leverage the power of Azure. Kimmo Forss is a Principal Architect in the Azure Global Customer Engineering Team at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft’s largest customers' SAP on Azure deployments. He is the development lead for the SAP Deployment Automation Framework ( which will help customers and partners deploy SAP on Azure infrastructures in an optimized and automated way. In addition to the development work he helps customers and partners with infrastructure design, automating deployments, overcoming technical blockers, and providing guidance on how to best leverage Azure. Prior to this Kimmo was a Community Director in the Worldwide Communities at Microsoft Services, with responsibilities including supporting the Microsoft field technical communities as well as planning the technical readiness activities. One of Kimmos passions is training and mentoring. He has been an instructor at the SharePoint MCM (Microsoft Certified Master) program as well as delivering numerous sessions at various events worldwide. He helped in creating the SharePoint MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect) program and was one of the permanent members of the MCA review boards before the MCM/MCA programs were cancelled. He is a frequent presenter at various conferences, both internal and external. Architecting and building solutions is something that very close to Kimmo’s heart, he enjoys brainstorming and coming up with solutions to solve business problems using technology in novel ways.

Session Portfolio
Current Sessions Delivered by Kimmo
Designing the SAP Deployment Automation Framework.

In this session we will go behind the scenes on how we designed and built the SAP Deployment Automation Framework. ( The framework runs onto of Azure Devops and it leverages Terraform to build the SAP Landing Zones and the Application Infrastructure. We perform all the configuration using Ansible Playbooks both for Linux and Windows. In addition to automating the infrastructure and configuration, we have also built artifacts to automate the setup of the automation in Azure DevOps everything from deployment credentials, repositories and pipelines and also a custom Azure Web App to front this all.

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