Laze Janev
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architect
North Macedonia

Always looking to try the new edgy thing

Laze is a Dynamics 365 Architect with 15 years of experience using relevant Microsoft technologies. He has successfully designed, developed, and supported numerous Dynamics 365 implementations in industries around the world. He is an active community member and very passionate about new edgy technologies. Passionate about resolving issues and sharing knowledge.

Laze + Janev

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The future of Business Intelligence and Integrations with Microsoft Fabric

Aren't you fed up with using a lot of components and maintaining different subscriptions, key vaults, azure applications, data factories, etc? Don't you want to set up everything by just clicking and selecting your data? Join this session and learn how to make your data free from business applications and move to a lakehouse where the business, data architects and engineers can work with it effortlessly. See how you can integrate multiple D365 CRM and F&O production environments into one single place, mesh that data with other sources like Microsoft Graph or other legacy solutions and provide KPI near real-time reporting for the business.

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Improve performance and reliability with asynchronous Dual-Write

One of the most requested features by customers is to enable asynchronous processing of dual-write maps. Learn why and how to set up this new possibility that will allow setting up asynchronous integration jobs for dual-write maps, opening up an eventual consistency model, and improving performance and reliability for scenarios that don't require synchronous integration. This way we can have the best of both worlds, data syncing OOTB and performance gains from the asynchronous integration.

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