Morten Knudsen
Cloud & Security Architect

Morten is Microsoft MVP "Security" & "Azure Hybrid", MCT and holds +20 active certifications. As a Cloud & Security Architect, he is very passionate about Azure Infrastructure, M365, Automation, Security, Hybrid Cloud - and blogs about these topics on He loves to travel with his family and is a PADI Dive Master & PADI Master Scuba Diver.

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Automating the Transition to Log Ingestion API & Data Collection Rules for your Logs in LogAnalytics

This session will give you deep insight to master the transition to the new DCR-formatted Logs and Log Ingestion API in Azure LogAnalytics – so you are ready to deal with the deprecation of MMA and HTTP Log Collector API. You will learn about a cool new Powershell module with 25 functions recommended by Microsoft in the officiel documentation - developed by the speaker. Powershell module is already downloaded more than +500.000 times. You will learn how to automate Data Collection Rules, Data Collection Endpoint, Tables and handle the challenges with the schema. We will also talk about ways to transform your data as a key new feature. You will see lots of demos including demos of the migration methods. In short; you will learn new ways to integrate any data using this “AnyConnector” into LogAnalytics using Log Ingestion api.

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