Paolo Pialorsi
Solution Architect
Securing Applications and REST APIs with OAuth and Azure Entra ID

Session Abstract

Azure Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) is THE key service of every Microsoft 365 or Azure solution architecture and is part of the Microsoft Identity Platform. In this session, you will understand how to authenticate users, secure applications and REST APIs with OAuth, create multi-tenant REST APIs, work with the On-Behalf-Of (OBO) flow, and generally speaking to manage the whole security of your Microsoft cloud-based solutions. You will see examples of native applications, web applications, back-end REST APIs, Azure Functions, etc. all secured thanks to Azure Entra ID. You will understand what Open Authorization is and how it is implemented in the Microsoft Identity Platform. You will understand what application or delegated access tokens are, and you will understand how to retrieve such tokens using the most recent libraries and components offered by Microsoft. At the end of this session, you will be able to choose the right option to secure your custom-developed solution, regardless of whether they are running on the client or in the back-end, on the cloud. The target audience of this session is developers willing to understand how to architect and implement the security of real-life enterprise-level solutions.

Paolo Pialorsi

Solution architect, trainer, and author who specializes in architecting, designing, and developing Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure-based enterprise solutions. Works in a company of his own that he founded in 1999 ( Has a great deal of experience on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, and security from a developer point of view. Is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master – Charter SharePoint, as well as a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft 365 Development. He is also a regular speaker at international IT conferences. He spoke at Microsoft TechEd Europe, the European SharePoint Conference, the SharePoint Conference in the USA, the Microsoft 365 Conference in the USA, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Inspire, and many other IT conferences worldwide. Author for Microsoft Press of 8 books about Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Graph and Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft 365. Also wrote 3 Italian-language books about .NET, XML and Web Services. Since January 2015, Paolo is a proud member of Microsoft 365 PnP (

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