Sabrina Göttlinger
Senior IT Project Manager M365

Microsoft MVP / M365 Projectmanager / Modern Work Consultant

As an IT project manager, I follow various companies in their digital transformation. It is becoming increasingly clear how important the right information is for users. My passion is to make technical information easy to understand and accessible to everyone. As a speaker at various events, I share information on key points in the M365, Mesh and AI area. Within my social networks, I prepare the information in small articles, blog posts or videos At the beginning of 2024, I received the Microsoft MVP award.

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From Blocks to Bytes: Playfully Mastering Generative AI and M365 Copilot

In an era dominated by technology, the conventional methods of understanding complex concepts often lack the spark of engagement. How can we kindle curiosity and transform the process of playfully mastering the intricate world of generative AI into an enjoyable adventure? Join us on an exploration that unveils the boundless potential of playful learning, with Minecraft as our canvas for unraveling the magic of generative AI and M365 Copilot. Key Takeaway: Discover how playful learning can demystify generative AI, ignite creativity, and cultivate a deep understanding of this fascinating technology, and learn how to incorporate these innovative approaches into your educational toolkit or tech enthusiast journey. In this presentation, we challenge the notion that learning is best achieved through passive observation of PowerPoint slides. Instead, we embark on a journey that illustrates how a Minecraft-based games can serve as a gateway to playfully master the nuances of generative AI and M365 Copilot. Dive deep into the captivating realm of generative AI and witness how learning can be an exciting quest filled with exploration and wonder. Benefits: • Explore the endless possibilities of M365 Copilot • Gain insights into the power of combining creativity and technology in educational settings. • Understand the real-world applications and potential of generative AI. • Witness a live presentation of a Minecraft-based game world that demonstrates the principles of playful learning in action. Prepare to be inspired as we demonstrate that education and enjoyment can seamlessly coexist. Whether you are an educator seeking innovative teaching methods or a tech enthusiast eager to playfully master the world of generative AI, this presentation will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the power of playful exploration in understanding the creative potential of AI.

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