Sandra Kiel
Event Punks GmbH
Managing Director
Blog Brilliance: Crafting Viral Tech Stories with Microsoft Designer & Clipchamp

Session Abstract

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content, tech bloggers face the dual challenge of crafting informative content and presenting it in a visually compelling way. "Blog Brilliance: Crafting Viral Tech Stories with Microsoft Designer & Clipchamp" is a session designed to equip tech bloggers with the tools and strategies needed to stand out in a crowded digital space. This session will delve into the world of visual storytelling, focusing on how Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp can be used synergistically to create captivating blog content that resonates with audiences and enhances online presence. Session Highlights: Understanding the Digital Ecosystem: We begin by exploring the current trends and challenges in tech blogging, emphasizing the need for high-quality visual content to drive engagement and growth. Mastering Microsoft Designer: Attendees will learn how to utilize Microsoft Designer’s AI-driven capabilities to create stunning visuals effortlessly. The session will include a live demonstration of transforming complex tech concepts into engaging graphics. Video Storytelling with Clipchamp: Discover how Clipchamp’s user-friendly video editing tools can be used to produce compelling video content that complements written blog posts, enhancing the overall narrative. Practical Takeaways and Tips: The session will conclude with actionable tips and best practices, empowering attendees to immediately apply these tools in their content creation process. This session will be interactive, featuring Q&A segments, live demonstrations. Attendees will leave with not just theoretical knowledge, but practical skills and inspiration to enhance their tech blogging journey.

Sandra Kiel

Sandra Kiel describes herself as an innovation nerd, disruptive implementer or atmospheric scientist, depending on what's on her mind. As a self-confessed multi-talent, she usually has a lot and a variety on her plate. Her motto: "I'm impatient - please accept that" sums it up all the more. She is a project and event manager with heart and soul and has been designing in various (IT) projects for over 15 years - across all sectors and almost always with a strong impact on the organisations. Her focus is not so much on the technical excellence of implementing a new solution. Rather, she is dedicated to the processes and the people behind the processes. She develops and empowers communities and thinks of digitisation from the perspective of people, and likes to discuss this question intensively: How do we want to live and work in the future and what significance does work have for us, so that we can give digitisation its meaning and its true effectiveness. Today, she also likes to found a start-up and works as a coach, mentor and consultant to pass on her experience and knowledge. But also to show that a certain attitude and a good dose of courage are necessary to break out of the classic working models and ways of thinking.

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