Sven Sieverding
team neusta
Office 365 Consultant

365 knots in my head.... MVP with ideas

I am both a SharePoint developer and consultant @teamneusta with over 15 years of experience with creating collaboration and modern workspace solutions using Microsoft tools. My favorite quote is "When all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like a Nail"(Abraham Maslow) Why? Because our world is complex. And a single tool or a narrow perspective won't help with complex problems. So, i think that lifelong learning, trying new technologies and talking about them to others are extremely important things.

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Power Automate is Turing-complete

How do i know that? Because we can build a Turing machine using Power Automate. Let me tell you how a Turing machine works, why these machines are important to theoretical computer science and how to build one.

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SPFX Forms and React Formik: Easily create custom SharePoint list forms

Finally we can customize SharePoint forms using SPFX. If you want to know how to do this effectively using React Formik, then come to my Session.

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