Thomas Vochten
technology evangelist

talk to me about Microsoft 365 & Security

I am a technology evangelist helping companies to implement Microsoft cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, and Azure. As Microsoft MVP, I also travel the world to speak at events, conferences, and user groups to talk about technology and to make sure people do not make the same expensive mistakes that I made.

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Making sense of Microsoft 365 Guest & External access

Microsoft 365 lets you work with external users in different apps and services. But managing these users can be hard, especially if you want to comply with your security and governance policies. In this session, you will see how to set up and control guest and external access in Microsoft 365. You will find out how to automate and track guest and external access scenarios, such as adding, deleting, or changing guests, applying conditional access and multi-factor authentication, and auditing guest actions and permissions. You will also learn how to fix common problems and how to use the newest features and updates for guest and external access.

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Managing Microsoft 365 through the command-line

Microsoft 365 has many admin centers that let you adjust various settings, but sometimes you just need to work with the command line. There are a lot of options these days: PowerShell for the Microsoft Graph, and different CLIs - or Command Line Interfaces. You use these not because they are cool, but because they help you with a specific problem. In this session we will explore the different tools that you can use, which problems they address and how to use them in an automation scenario. The goal is to manage your tenant more efficiently. Whether you are new to these tools or an experienced user, you will learn practical tips and tricks that will save you time and effort.

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